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Overlooking the elegant and historic square of Saturnia, the Restaurant I Due Cippi has been a landmark of excellence since the 70s.

The philosophy of our cuisine starts from the choice of raw materials of the highest quality: we want to make our guests discover the authentic flavors of traditional dishes and Italian excellence and not only.

Our menu follows the seasonality and the enhancement of the food and wine of our land also passes by some reinterpretations in a modern key, which make current and elegant traditional "poor" dishes such as tripe Tuscan sandwich with lampredotto, Veal sweetbreads and fried lamb brains.

Meat lovers can enjoy our coastal or Florentine steaks, cooked in the large fireplace in the center of the room where the embers burn throughout the year.

Just the fireplace that dominates the entrance of the restaurant is the kingdom of Lorenzo our Meat Artist, who every evening enhances on his "gourmet brace" premium meats from the best farms and selected raw materials.

Depending on the season, the kitchen offers specialties based on fresh porcini mushrooms of the area and truffles of high quality: a rich menu that, thanks to an original reinterpretation and never banal, can satisfy both lovers of flavors "D.O.C." that the most demanding gourmet.

Quality and Excellence

We personally select all the meat that we put on the grill and that we bring to the table, to ensure always the highest level of quality of each dish.

We like to follow the whole process of supply chain: so we have the security that the animals come from certified farms.

I Due Cippi is now recognized as a guarantee of quality for the meat served: we follow the maturation processes of meat since the ripening was not common, and we never take shortcuts.

The Brace

A particular focus deserves our grill: in the large fireplace Lorenzo and his trusty right arm Vincenzo, have applied the concept of gourmet cooking to the grill, creating what many call a "gourmet grill".

In addition to steaks in fact, from I Due Cippi we value with a careful and meticulous cooking on the grill raw materials such as sweetbreads, tongue, pigeon and vegetables.

The Farms

The farms from which our meat comes are highly controlled. The priority is the welfare of the animal: ethical methods are used, which allow a healthy growth of the garments in accordance with natural habits.

The animals are fed using only the best quality products, which do not contain hormones and antibiotics, favoring grazing farms.


My wife and i are glad we managed to find a table and gave dinner at this magnificent meat restaurant. The variety of steaks and meat types is impressive. We had a black Angus T-bone Steak with oven backed potatoes chunks and porcini mushrooms cooked to perfection...


5 star restaurant, 5 star cuisine, 5 star service. This is THE restaurant we just simply in love with. And we can’t say that too often. Fantastic menu selection, everything is cooked to perfection, offering an amazing variety of wines...


We had an AMAZING time at this lovely place. Every course was absolutely divine, the chateaubriand could be cut with a butter knife. The most amazing staff, friendly yet very attentive and professional...


Excellent restaurant amazing stuff very friendly good advice on all the choices. Do not miss it. We become really addicted to it. The meat it’s fantastic...

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