Our Own Meat Master

Lorenzo has over ten years of experience: to ensure every evening an unparalleled gastronomic journey strictly studies the farming methods practiced by the best breeders in the world.

This constant research, allows him to select in a capillary way the best cattle breeds and bring them to the table in our restaurant.

It also devotes particular care to the ripening of meat: each loin, in fact, is carefully subjected to a maturation process aimed at enhancing aromas and flavors.

Each meat is then subjected to an ad hoc cooking process based on breed and ripening, on live embers fed with oak wood.

The Dry Aging

All our meats before being cooked and served on the table are subjected to a maturing process with the technique of Dry Aging.

Dry Aged translated means "dry aged", from the aging technique with which the meat is treated.

Particular attention is paid to the maturing process: our Lorenzo has designed and followed the realization of the three cabinets of ripening in view that dominate the left wall of the first room and a cell built to measure to allow him to frothing the meat up to a year and thus allow a ripening Continues over 3 tons of meat.

The meats are served with a minimum of 60 days of maturing but thanks to the study and care of Lorenzo also comes to ripening of 200, 300 days and in some cases even over the year.

A small focus on our breeds

From I Due Cippi you will have the opportunity to taste the most sought after and famous Meats of the World: our Lorenzo has selected for you the best European and international meats, with a focus on breeding in Spain and Italy.

Here you can find the legendary Wagyu meat from Japan, Australia, Italy and Spain.

We also pay particular attention to our farms and we can serve you Black Angus bred in Italy, Vacca Piemontese, Chianina and some dairy breeds such as Frisona and Simmental.

Thanks to the agreements that Lorenzo has made with Iberian breeders, from I Due Cippi you can taste excellent meats such as Spanish Black Angus, Rubia Gallega, Minhota and Barrosa.


My wife and i are glad we managed to find a table and gave dinner at this magnificent meat restaurant. The variety of steaks and meat types is impressive. We had a black Angus T-bone Steak with oven backed potatoes chunks and porcini mushrooms cooked to perfection...


5 star restaurant, 5 star cuisine, 5 star service. This is THE restaurant we just simply in love with. And we can’t say that too often. Fantastic menu selection, everything is cooked to perfection, offering an amazing variety of wines...


We had an AMAZING time at this lovely place. Every course was absolutely divine, the chateaubriand could be cut with a butter knife. The most amazing staff, friendly yet very attentive and professional...


Excellent restaurant amazing stuff very friendly good advice on all the choices. Do not miss it. We become really addicted to it. The meat it’s fantastic...

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